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We all should know by now that COVID is a COVER for CONTROL. And the Authors of this social diabolic have achieved several goals.

One of which is CONTROL. Control of the MINDS of millions of people.

For 2 plus years now a charade of LIES has been masterfully employed to compel nations into CONFORMITY to something they could not SEE.

The DOMINATE NARRATIVE utilized came with OPTICS, NUMBERS, and FEAR. It worked marvelously to TRAIN the MIND and the EMOTIONS to SEE it as it was TOLD, rather than as it really was. This is CALLED a Delusion. 2Thess 2:11

The STRATEGY worked to PRODUCE a mass FORMATION of lockstep conformity – like Sheep frantically governed by wolves and cornered in the pen of mental paralysis waiting to be devoured. And herds of swine headed over the cliff into the abyss. Luke 8:30-33.  Someone should pay for this abuse. Mt 18:6,7

And now that the TRAGEDY appears to be subsiding and proclamations of emancipation for the external forms are being decreed, be sure that the damage preparing for the next CRISIS has been done. 

The PATIENT made to where robes, caps, and masks, and the PRISONERS told to stand over there and don’t move in total compliance with the NARRATIVE are all of a sudden free to go! But what is not known is that they are not FREE at all, anymore- Some will go, but not be free- Some will take off the Robe, but not feel safe. Some will take off the mask but not be able to speak because they have been traumatized and trained to believe that they are patients and prisoners of a POWER outside of themselves which can at a drop of the dime call them back to external MASS-FORMATION anytime they want. Rom 6:16

There are now PERMANENT PATIENTS and PERMANENT non-rehabilitated PRISONERS who are never going to KNOW the Freedom that is in CHRIST simply because they YIELDED to another.

Many SLAVE MASTERS surrendered to the Jan 1, 1863 to liberate their slaves. But remarkably the slaves DID NOT WANT TO GO! Conversely MANY who were READY to GO, believing themselves RIGHT to be FREE had SLAVES MASTERS Like California’s Governor NEWSONE who seeks to double DOWN capitalizing on the PHENOMENA – of a class of permanent slaves and patients, who cannot determine for themselves how to be FREE. This is double abuse. Ex 7:14

Jason BOURNE realized that in order to be TRULY Free from the VOICE of COMMAND that at any time could direct him to engage in HUMAN HARM, had to FIND his MASTERS and its SYSTEM and destroy it. FOR himself and every other Human! Ps 97:10. Even so, until the GOSPEL of POWER and FREEDOM liberates YOU to the good FIGHT of FAITH and Grants YOU through EFFICACY of CHRIST DEATH to wage war against everything that exalts itself against the KNOWLEGE of the TRUTH you cannot KNOW FREEDOM.

It MUST BE FOUGHT FOR, if you have it! And if YOU HAVE IT, fight to KEEP IT! 1Tim 6:12

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