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Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Tools

 Study Tools  Creeds and Confessions  Devotional's


1. Heidelberg Catechism 1. Puritan Prayers
2. 2. Westminster Confession 2. Grace Gems
3. 3. Westminster Shorter Catechism 3. Spurgeon's Devotionals
4. 4. 1689 London Baptist Confession  
5.  5. The Apostle's Creed  
6. 6. Calvinism/The Doctrines of Grace  

 This page is for all, especially GBC members to have readily available and accessible links to comprehensively study the bible. Word searches, lexicon’s, bible dictionaries, good preaching, concordances, commentaries, creeds and confession are available for all who seek to grow in the grace and in the knowledge of the Lord.

As a disclaimer, the websites referenced in their totality are not endorsed by the GBC leadership. We hold to scripture alone as the sole authority on any and all matters. Please visit the following link for a summary of what GBC believes: