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THE GOSPEL and SEXUALITY Class SEPT 27th 2012Thursdays 7:30 – 9:00:   20560 Royal Ave Hayward Ca

In our present world where every way of man is right in His own eyes and the sacred cow of choice has so exalted itself in our world and culture that BIBLICAL boundaries are viewed as violating human rights the Christian Church must return to the Word of God for a clear testimony of what ought to be and why it is no more!
Seven classes will be devoted to these issues. We will consider what the bible says about gender, sexuality, family, the sin problem, change, grace and transformation.

Class 1. will be an introduction to our overall objective and a look at the only real differences: 

Class 2. We will rediscover the beauty and redemption of marriage and it’s fall.
“In the day that you eat you shall die”

Class 3. We will consider the heresy of choice began with our first parents and its spiritual and psychological consequences upon the gender, sexuality , and relationship of men and women apart from grace.
“They have exchanged His glory ”

The Predatorial / Victimization / Cultural / Judicial / and  Religious sanctioning. 

Class 4. We will address the clarity of scripture concerning the boundaries, prohibition and consequences of a heretical society which refuses to submit to the Truth!

 Gen 19/ Lev 18-20 /Judge 19 / Rom 1-2  / 1cor 6:9 / 1tim 1:9-11 / Rev 22:13-15
“When the Hedge is Broken the serpent will Bite”

Class 5. We will address the prophecy and call to the only legitimate remedy for sexual perversion of all kinds which is a true conversion. Judges 19-21
“Run to the ROCK”

Class 6-7 We will review all previous subjects as the questions and issues emerge out of our study.  

Our objective is to understand what is truly occurring in the life of the people we love and care for trapped by these choices, and to demonstrate that it is very reasonable to call upon them to seriously consider their need to change, that misuse of their sexuality leaving the biblical boundaries cannot bring true peace, happiness or satisfaction with God.                                 



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